Sarah, Jonathan and Tomas Modley

Jonathan, Sarah and their son Tomas welcome you to their home and croft on the beautiful Isle of Skye.  

Jonathan and Sarah both grew up in rural parts of the country – Jonathan on the Black Isle and Sarah in Cumbria. Jonathan and Sarah love travelling but wherever they go in the world they are always drawn back to the north-west coast of Scotland.

“In 2017 we took some time out from work in the UK and spent a year crewing on yachts, sailing across the Atlantic, managing a country estate in France and building dry stone walls in the Canary Islands! Following this pause for thought and on our return to the UK we started our search for a croft on the west coast of Scotland. In 2021 we launched our newest venture – The Sheiling Skye.

Crofting is a traditional, small-scale farming method, unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. We follow generations who worked this land and our aim is to build on the hard work of the previous owner and support and contribute to the traditional crofting way of life.

The Sheiling Skye was built in 2009 from sustainable timber sources. The raised timber floor sits on just twelve foundation pads, without the need for a solid concrete foundation, affording the building a low carbon footprint.

We operate The Sheiling Skye in a way which respects the natural environment, in line with the Green Tourism business scheme. This includes minimising energy consumption, conserving water, reducing waste, recycling where possible, using local suppliers and promoting biodiversity. We encourage “slow adventure tourism” – where visitors can enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace, becoming immersed in our wild spaces and engaging with local people, food and stories.

Our aim is to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible, so anything you need in the run up to or during your stay, please do not hesitate to ask.

If you are looking for some downtime and a break from the everyday, we invite you to join us on our croft on the beautiful Isle of Skye to enjoy fresh air, stunning sea views, breath-taking night skies and the warmest of welcomes.”

Jonathan, Sarah and Tomas

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